Homemade Chicken Nuggets – Kerns

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

(30 min) Makes eight servings


    • 26 oz Cooked chicken breast

    • 1/2 Onion

    • 2 Tbsp. of parsley1 Small peeled apple

    • 3 Slices of whole wheat bread

    • 1 Tablet of chicken broth

    • Canola spray oil

    • 1 Egg, lightly beaten

    • 1 1/2 Cups breadcrumbs (homemade)

    • 1 liter Canola oil


  • Chop the first five ingredients and toss them in a food processor, throw the chicken broth tablet in there as well.

  • Grind until all ingredients are fully integrated.

  • Spray your hands with oil spray, and mold the nuggets into any shape you wish.

  • Deep the small ball in the lightly beaten egg a and roll in bread crumbs. .Fry in hot oil, until slightly browned.

  • Flip halfway through if you want both sides crispy.

  • Place the nuggets in a plastic food container.

  • Dip in ketchup.

  • These nuggets are healthy since they have apple, which also makes them more moist and soft.